A strong alliance between the community and the protected area for the conservation of natural resources.

Beautiful Landscapes

To the landscapes that the wetland offers, with its San San river and tributaries, the exhuberante flora and very diverse fauna, is united, within very short distance, the Caribbean Sea and its beaches where sea turtles nest.

Responsible Tourism

The Wetland is an area protected and regulated by the Ministry of Environment. Its park rangers and the members of AAMVECONA, take care that the tourism that develops there is in line with the conservation objectives.

Manatees & Sea Turtles

Two of the most emblematic species in the world have chosen the Wetland as their habitat, either permanently, such as the Manatee, or temporarily, as the Sea Turtles, which come to nest on their beaches.


The ways to enjoy the Wetland are more than one, either as a tourist, visiting its most diverse attractions, or as a volunteer, helping to preserve the site through the program that AAMVECONA offers.